July 2023 Market Update

July 17, 2023

Welcome to our July 2023 Market Update Video!

Stocks rose about 6-1/2% in June, kicking off a good start to the summer.1

Fixed income yields, as reflected in the 10-year US Treasury began climbing throughout the month, rising about .25%.2

The Federal Reserve paused its rate hike campaign in June, with comments that we should all expect 2 more hikes.In my opinion, this feels close to the end which may bode well for stocks.

Moving ahead, I am seeing a resilient stock market and it appears to be in an uptrend.4  It may also make sense to start looking into longer dated maturities to lock in these higher rates for longer.

In my opinion, our 3-pronged approach still applies: owning stocks for growth while debt expands; buying bonds to earn interest with higher yields and lastly, hedging everything with precious metals and commodities.

Your feedback or questions are always appreciated!  Please feel free to send it this way and I’m happy to share any additional details.

Enjoy your summer!



Tim Truebenbach, CFP®

Senior Vice President – Financial Advisor


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